Program Details

Program Details

Are You Frustrated By…

  • Low scores in employee engagement or satisfaction?
  • Team members who play the “blame-game” or avoid taking initiative to solve problems?
  • Team members in conflict with poor communication?
  • Too many priorities and not enough time?
  • Pressure to accomplish more, with less resources or to reduce operating costs?
  • Poor internal customer service between functional areas?
  • A discouraged or dissatisfied group of team members?
  • Ineffective meetings that are too long and accomplish too little?
  • Managers who don't engage their employees or listen to their input?

Then Meaningful Employee Engagement™ Is For You!

If you have experienced any of the above frustrations, Meaningful Employee Engagement: Building Accountability for Managers and Their Teams (MEE) is for you. You will not only reduce those frustrations, you will achieve a higher level of success in achieving your desired goals. Are you ready to engage employees to dramatically improve performance communication and teamwork? If yes, then MEE is for you!

Why is Meaningful Employee Engagement™ So Effective?

MEE is based on over 25 years of implementing personal and team accountability to improve performance, teamwork, and morale in organizations all over the world. Mark Samuel and his team of highly trained consultants have led the transformation of organizations and teams using the practices contained in this self-learning team system. Now these powerful principles for achieving success are available to you for a fraction of the cost of hiring external consultants to come into your organization.

Based on Mark’s famous, Personal Accountability Model, MEE is used for transforming individuals and teams from the “victim loop” to the “Accountability Loop” for improving performance, communication, and team execution.

You Can Achieve Significant Improvements in 4 to 7 Months

  • Engage employees at all levels in meaningful discussions for improving customer service, efficiency and teamwork
  • Improve external and internal customer service and relations
  • Increase employee input and initiative for resolving problems, challenges and breakdowns
  • Improve teamwork, trust and support
  • Ensure Follow-up and Accountability for action plans and commitments
  • Develop “proactive recovery plans” for sustaining improvements
  • Decrease wasted effort, time and resources to improve productivity
  • Demonstrate alignment, ownership and commitment from all team members

You Start with a Web-Based Team Accountability Assessment

This assessment identifies each team member’s confidential view of their team’s accountability in ten areas of team performance and communication. The assessment helps to identify a baseline measurement for team effectiveness based on the following criteria:

  • Roles and Relationships
  • Team Meetings
  • Communicating Openly and Honestly
  • Handling Conflicts Effectively
  • Achieving Team Priorities
  • Mutual Trust and Support
  • Decision Making
  • Keeping Agreements and Commitments
  • Shared workload
  • Customer Service

Then You Hold 7 Simple 30 – 60 Minute Online Video Lessons

Each lesson is designed to guide you with practical and easy steps for improving customer service, decreasing costs, improving productivity, enhancing quality, and increasing the level of accountable teamwork.

Lesson excerpt from the online program for
“Meaningful Employee Engagement: Building Accountability for Managers and Their Teams”

In the seven lessons you will learn and apply:

Lesson #1: Accountability Review and Continuous Improvement

  • Using the web-based Team Accountability Assessment, measure your current level of team effectiveness relative to 10 factors associated with high performance
  • Define and understand personal and team accountability
  • Establish and implement criteria for effective teamwork
  • Transform “victim” behavior into “accountable” action to improve performance and communication

Lesson #2: Clarifying Your Desired Outcomes

  • Identify and agree on the expectations of your internal or external customers
  • Clarify your “picture of success” related to improved customer satisfaction
  • Specify the expectations of senior management for improving performance and achieving your annual goals
  • Develop a “picture of success” related to accomplishing your team goals for the organization
  • Commit to ways for improving communication and teamwork in order to achieve your “pictures of success”

Lesson #3: Assess and Improve Customer Service

  • Assess current levels of customer satisfaction and service creating a baseline measurement
  • Develop actions for improving your role and effectiveness with customers

Lesson #4: Assess and Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Identify where efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness can be improved
  • Take actions for improving efficiency, effectiveness, and reducing costs

Lesson #5: Developing Recovery Plans to Ensure Success and Sustain Results

  • Review and track the actions committed to in previous lesson plans
  • Develop “proactive recovery plans” to get back on track, should you get off-track in taking the actions necessary to achieve results
  • Create a support plan for improving teamwork and moving to the next level of high performance
  • Implement a “Lessons Learned” process for tracking successes and areas for change

Lesson #6: Taking Action to Sustain Results

  • Lead effective team meetings to stay focused, resolve problems, and make decisions for improved success
  • Surface and resolve obstacles to success through “think-tank” problem solving and collaboration
  • Develop a communication plan to ensure that information is shared effectively between team members and outside of the team

Lesson #7: Acknowledging and Reporting Success

  • Compare and document results from pre and post Team Accountability Assessment
  • Identify and reinforce new habits that resulted in higher levels of trust, communication, support and teamwork
  • Document and report improvements in customer satisfaction
  • Document and report improved productivity, efficiency, and reduced costs
  • Summarize specific measurable results further clarifying your return on investment
  • Create a communication plan to share your results with others to influence change and respect for your improvement efforts and results

What Makes it So Easy to Get Results?

Use MEE as a part of your normal team meetings. As long as you meet at least once per month, you can implement this series and within 4 to 7 months and experience measurable improvement in performance, communication, customer service and teamwork. It’s that simple.

Using the self-paced online video, you and your team get the guidance you need to be able to complete a lesson in 30 to 60 minutes of a regular team meeting. With the added support of an easy-to-use workbook for each team member, you will facilitate your own brainstorming, assessment, and commitment discussions. At the end of each lesson plan, you will agree on actions that you will email your internal HR or Change Agent Team. The Leadership Guide has the instructions for what information to provide.

The Most Effective Self-Learning Program Offered

We all know that training is best achieved when there is an on-site instructor who can answer questions, model changes, and help solve challenges. But there is a significant cost associated with travel expenses, space, participant time to attend, given their busy schedules and contracting with external presenters. Now for less than $100 per person, you can get the best of both worlds; flexibility and personalized coaching.

The Value Proposition For Meaningful Employee Engagement

  • Access to seven online videos of Mark Samuel explaining all of the concepts of accountability used for improving performance and communication as well as Mark guiding your manager and team through the process step-by-step
    (Valued at $995)
  • A 65-page workbook for the manager and each team member
    (Valued at $74.95 per person)
  • A pocket-sized learning aide on the Personal Accountability Model for each person (valued at $2.95 per person)
  • A pre and post Team Accountability Assessment summary and comparison reports identifying the strengths, opportunities for improvement, and actual improvement of each team
    (Valued at $19.95 per person)

What if my team is bigger than 10 people?

No problem. We have packages for 15, 20, 25 and 30 people and you can call us for special sized group pricing for over 30.

But what if my team has 5 or less people?

No problem. We have a package price for teams of 5 or less for $695. And, this price includes all of the features and benefits listed above, including the Team Accountability Assessment and The Personal Accountability Card.

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